Irrigation Installs El Cerrito, CA

Discover a Smart Way to Water Your Yard

Ask us about sprinkler system installation service in El Cerrito, CA

You can't always depend on the rain to water your yard, and you don't want to waste time watering your yard yourself. Sustainable Landscape Management offers sprinkler system installation in El Cerrito, California to make your life easier. We'll outfit your system with backflow preventers, drains and irrigation manifolds to help your landscape retain the right amount of water.

We also install smart irrigation systems. With a smart system installed, you'll be able to adjust the timers from your phone. You can count on us to install the right size water pressure system for your property.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a sprinkler system installation consultation. Be sure to request a free estimate, too.

Signs you need to repair your irrigation system

A damaged or faulty irrigation system can wreak havoc on your property and water bill. Arrange for irrigation repair in El Cerrito, California if:

  • You see soaked or bare patches in your yard
  • Your control valves keep dripping
  • Your sprinkler heads are sputtering
  • The water pressure is inconsistent
  • Your water bill is skyrocketing

We'll troubleshoot the problem and repair your irrigation system quickly. Call 510-932-4191 now to make an appointment for irrigation repair service.